My name is Mary Arnold, and I'm the owner of Bit O' Blarney Pet Services. I've been in the business for 40+ years, and I both show dogs and judge cats internationally. My clients are family. But I'm only one part of a team effort. Your veterinarian, your trainer, your groomer, and YOU all make up part of your team. We each play an important part in your pet's life.


As your pet's groomer, I see and handle every inch of your pet's body more frequently than your veterinarian. My early detection of growths, painful responses to touch, and changes from your pet's normal behavior has saved lives. Our local vets refer clients to me because they know what a thorough job I do, and it's one of the reasons people and pets keep coming year after year.


Do you have dog hair rolling along the floor at home? Cat not quite getting to the litter box? I teach owners how to best maintain and improve grooming and behaviors at home, between visits to us. Cleanliness not only makes your pet happy, but a clean, well-behaved pet makes your family members happy, too.


We are a small kennel with an exclusive clientele, allowing us to spend the time necessary to gently and professionally groom your pet to your specifications. Is your pet a fit? Read our 5-star Yelp and Google reviews, and then get in touch for a chat or a tour.




We offer full-service grooming for both dogs and cats, by appointment. I have been a professional groomer for over 40 years, and love it! My low-stress and quiet grooming environment means most of my clients are dragging their people IN the door, not out of it! 

Sleeping Cat

We offer full boarding facilities for your dog or cat. We are a small kennel, so staying with us is less stressful than a larger facility. We're all about less anxiety, less barking, and more one-on-one care! Because we only accept a limited quantity of pets at a time, advance reservations are suggested, as we fill quickly, especially on holidays! 


For our best guests, we offer a full-service daycare. We've got the toys, rope pulls, and activities to keep your pet busy and engaged while you're off doing your thing. Or, they can bring their favorite toys to play with. This is an excellent way to learn socialization at the same time.